Meet the Commander!!

This is my dog Commander Cody!!

He's the fairest dog in the land.

I like him because

  1. He's nice.
  2. He's cool.
  3. He's my dog!

His story.

Cody was adopted on January 31st, 2016 from the Baja Animal Sanctuary in San Diego, California. He is currently about one and a half years old, and looking forward to his birthday this September. He loves playing with other dogs and humans, and his favorite game is definitely "chase me." He's friendly, well-behaved, a little timid with strangers, and has made wonderful addition to the family. A few of his favorite local trails and parks are, the Douglas Family Perserve, Seven Falls, Hendry's Beach, and Tabano Hollow.

He thinks he is a model.

Adopt don't shop!

Reasons to adopt

Cody's mom was picked up off the street in Tijuana, Mexico by the Baja Animal Sanctuary, a no-kill shelter located in Rosarito, Mexico. A few days after being picked up she gave birth to Cody's litter at the shelter. Cody was one of the lucky one's for being able to successfully make the transition from the pauper to the prince. If you'd like to create a similar story of your own visit the Baja Animal Sanctuary website to check for adoption events in your area.